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Big Band Story - Play It For Me
(From a series called "Big Band Stories")
By Angelo Tallarico
Copyright 2000 Angelo Tallarico
A story about the writer's early adventure in music, when Johnny Hodges played the writer's requested song.

Before he moved to 48th Street, Irving Kirshner had had a repair shop in Harlem, and many of the great saxophone players would go to him to have work done on their instruments. Ben Webster, Choo Bery, Ike Quebec, Johnny Hodges, Joe Eldridge, tenor man Stafford Simon, who wrote "I Wanna be a Big Fat Momma," were among them. When Irving moved to 48th Street, they all followed him. Johnny Hodges had his alto sax overhauled, and I was there when he came to pick it up. I had the courage to ask him if he would play "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" - and he DID! What a thrill to have Johnny Hodges play his masterpiece just for me! It was another great moment I'll never forget!