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Good To Be With You Again
By Dan Rustin
Copyright 2000 Dan Rustin
A lyric about a man's lasting relationship with his wife.

God, it's good to be with you again
Makes me think about the good times, way back when
Me the talker, you the listener,
Daddy asking "You been kissin' her?"
Buddy laughing at us through the bars of his kiddie pen
it's good to be with you again.
Guess you heard that Jolly's in L.A.
And the house went on the market yesterday
Didn't mean to talk of losing things
Got to think of more amusing things
Like the time we snuck into the barn, woke that noisy hen
God, it's good to be with you again
Time flies, the saying goes, and it flies faster every year
If there's a way to slow it down, I sure would like to hear
Since there ain't, the only thing to do
Is hang on to the good times, you and me and me and you
Bet by now you're thinking I forgot
Those white flowers that you used to love a lot
Gonna lay them by this cottonwood
To show that one who's not forgotten would
Always have a friend to come by when
It's good to be with you again.