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Roll Credits
By Dan Rustin
Copyright 2000 Dan Rustin
A poem about watching credits roll after a movie, and which ones are the most interesting.

I don't know about you, my friends,
But I can't leave the theatre when a movie ends;
A hunger gnaws inside my soul
Until I've seen the final credits roll.
Now, the actors' names I don't wish to view
I've seen their faces on the screen;
Ditto the creative crew
Whose style was stamped on every scene.
No, the names that really interest me
Are those who toil in obscurity;
Like, who typed the manuscript revisions?
Who fed the carpenters and electricians?
Who was it manned the wind machine?
I cheer the name of the payroll clerk,
The stand-by driver of the limousine,
The girl who dragged the dogs to work.
I long to learn the identity
Of best boy, key grip, continuity;
Though their functions must forever be
Darkly draped in mystery.
So, I hang in, sitting tight
Till the final fade--the copyright.
Then, heading up the aisle
A revelation makes me smile:
Suppose all us--us working slobs
Got credit for our thankless jobs?