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The Heart You Break May Be Your Own
By Dan Rustin
Copyright 1995 Dan Rustin
A poem about a man's regrets over losing a woman who left him.

"Come here," I said, "I'm feeling worse.
I'll be the patient, you play the nurse."
How much of that did you think she'd take?
She's flesh and blood, for heaven's sake.
Packed her bags for parts unknown.
The heart you break may be your own.
"It's you," she sighed, "and love I'm in."
I recommended two aspirin;
You can't have loving without despair.
She said, "I think I got your share."
Lost her in the twilight zone.
The heart I broke, it was my own.
I called the turn, I had to do it.
Something said "Take control."
So I did and, man, I blew it.
Cut the cable to my soul.
Now you're asking me what you should do.
I can't be making that choice for you.
But if you want some good advice,
You'll take that gal and treat her nice
Or you may get to bitch and moan:
The heart you break may be your own.