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Those Finnertys
by Eugene J. Finnerty
Copyright 1998 Eugene J. Finnerty
A poem dedicated to my grandmother Bridget Flynn-Finnerty and my father's generation of Finnertys.
Those Finnertys!
Bridget Flynn muses..
As she watches her Finnerty brood
With a small Madonna half-frown.
Those Finnertys!
What are they really about?
They stimulate and frustrate me,
Not knowing what to make of them.
In the business of life
You can count on a Flynn;
So why do I love
That mysterious Finnerty grin?
We Flynn's so love
To make a snug fit in the Earth;
Those Finnertys
Are home 'mid the moon and the stars.
Bridget shifts in her rocking chair
And takes flight through space and time
To follow the travels of her daughters and sons
Spread half-way around the world…
Frankie, caring for his men to the end.
May, stately poised to the world.
Kay, bringing zest to the smallest day.
Bridie, moving with gentleness and grace.
Mattie, exulting in the Atlantic winter surf.
Paddy, casting his gentle, thoughtful greetings.
Nora, full of sweet innocent giving.
Jimmy, so proud of his acre of Irish turf.
Tessie, flowing with joy for all to share.
Jack, giving the world his keen, compassionate look.
Peter, so ready to reach for his dreams.
Bridget returns from her reverie
And catches at her vanishing smile.
They do have something, I guess…those Finnertys!
But I don't think it can be bottled or sold.
Bridget sighs with content, despite herself
And concedes to her Patrick this time:
We Flynns know about the Business of Life,
But you Finnertys bring us the Art of ~Living.