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George, the Heron
By Florence Hartman
Copyright 2000 Florence Hartman
(Illustration by Ralph Smith, Florence's friend.)
Copyright 2000 Ralph Smith
A poem about an independent bird.

George is a heron, aloof and free,
Who lives down south on a Florida Key.
He is four feet tall and his color is blue
And he makes his home in a big bayou.
Birds usually travel in flocks or pairs,
But George concentrates on his own affairs
He is always alone, except for a pet,
Who's a small adoring white egret.
She follows him up and down the beach,
Never too close, but just within reach,
So if all of a sudden, he starts to fly -
She can trail him and land in a tree nearby.
He is fully aware that she's always near,
But he tries to make it extremely clear,
That he does not need a girl in his life
And would never think of taking a wife.
The little egret doesn't seen to mind
That he isn't always exactly kind.
And she nods her head and waves a wing,
Because in her eyes, he is really a king.
Perhaps some day, he will come to see
That there's no one quite as attractive as she.
They'll hand out together and she'll be serene,
Because she will know, that she's George heron's queen,