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Cleo, the Crystal Cat
By Florence Hartman
Copyright 2000 Florence Hartman
(Illustration by Ralph Smith, Florence's friend.)
Copyright 2000 Ralph Smith
A poem about a cat and her crowd.

In a very pretty parlor, on a very special shelf
Sat a Crystal Cat named Cleo,
But she wasn't by herself.

There were other crystal creatures, some were meek
and some were proud
But Cleo thought herself
The most important of the crowd.
There was sleek Sabu, the Tiger, always looking for a fight,
And then sweet Laura Love Bird
Who tried to make things right.
And Elephant called Elmer, with great big hanging ears
Was something of a coward
'Cause he was so full of fears.
Although he was enormous, he never made a sound,
And all his close companions
Hardly knew he was around.
Dudley Duck and Robert Rabbit and the Eagle, Uncle Sam
Paid great respect to Cleo
And referred to her as "M'am."
But that Silly Tilly Turtle and Percy Polar Bear,
Scarcely looked in her direction
And ignored her, when they'd dare.
That fat Fernand, the Bull Frog and his pal, young Dolphin Dick
Were ever ready with a smile,
And never played a trick.
That left the carefree Silky Seal, who stuck a great big ball
Upon his little turned up snout,
To make himself look tall.
The other guys were small-fry, not worthy of a mention
Although they clamored to be known,
Cleo paid no attention.
She wrapped her tail around her, and licked her lovely coat
Did anyone among them
Stand an equal chance to gloat?
She decided in her wisdom, to let the whole thing rest,
She was Crystal Queen of Sheba
And would always be the best.