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Political Aspirations
By Florence Hartman
Copyright 2000 Florence Hartman
A poem about political fantasies.
If I were old - like 43
I think I know
Who I'd like to be.
I'd live a place
That's called D.C.
And lots of folks would look up to me.
My house would be white
With a huge big yard
And, of course, I'd have a bodyguard.
I'd ride around in a bright red car,
And wave to the people
Whoever they are.
I'd give fancy parties
With pizzas and ftanks
And serve all the ice cream right out of the tanks.
But perhaps if I had to talk on TV,
I'd say to myself
Can this be me?
I'm thinking again
Thought it might be great
To live like that at some future date,
When in the world
Would I ever see John
Or Billy or Bobby or red-headed Ron?
I guess if I look at it
Straight in the eye,
I'd rather just be a regular guy,