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The Battle for Budapest - 1944-1945
By George M. Forrester
Copyright 2000 George M. Forrester
About the unfilled promises of the Battle of Budapest.
Our blood and our lives for God, Country and Glory
Cried the poor misled pro Hitler propaganda driven soldier
In the Winter of 1945, very, very gory,
Then he took a bazooka and set fire to a Soviet tank.
His Winter dream was to get 10 acres of good Ukrainian land,
As a reward promised by Hitler for setting fire to every Soviet tank.
For heaven's sake, sober up, we are surrounded by 500 Soviet tanks,
Five hundred miles from the fertile Ukrainian lands, we cried.
Like his other Summer dreams, this one also went blank
And he changed his uniform for a civilian suit, jacket and tie
In the final giant battle and hustle for the acres of Ukrainian land,
While they slept in the silence - European, Soviet and American lambs.