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Excerpt from the novel "Mirror Mirror"
By Carol Kafka
Copyright 2000 Carol Kafka
From the book's back cover - "A mysterious stranger enters the life of a sophisticated New Yorker, Christina Fitzsimmons - a stranger who looks disturbingly like her father who died only months after she was born. Who is this man who appears out of nowhere? How did her father really die? These compelling questions propel Christina to embark on an odyssey whose ultimate destination is the truth of her own identity - an awakening she never dreamed possible."
There are few things that can drive a woman crazier than an attractive man who is trying to get into her pants when she is trying to stay loyal to a husband who has lost all interest in sex. All the way to the diner I told myself I was going there to see this guy to discuss the video promotion we were supposed to put together, but I found myself wet between my legs in spite of myself.
In the dark brown air of the Odyssey Diner, we sat across from each other, protected by a fat leathery booth, and saw ourselves over and over again in the angled mirrors that surrounded us. He had ordered drinks before I arrived - sellers with lime for both of us.
"You are real," he said after I took a sip.
Why was it so hard for me to speak? I felt my voice - heavy and far away. "I have to tell you I - I don't know why I feel so strange around you - I keep telling myself it's just my imagination playing tricks, but - why did you say that before - about maybe there was another life?"
"I have no idea. It just came out like someone else said it."
"Do you believe in past lives?"