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Excerpts from Autobiography: Your Chance to Live Forever
By Carol Kafka
Copyright 2000 Carol Kafka
These excerpts are taken from a workbook (and video) which guides a person in writing their autobiography, having fun and being inspired in the process.
Everybody wants to
live forever.
We've done
something about it.
We didn't invent a magic pill. But
we did
create something magical:
A guide that can take the life that
lives inside you and transform it
into an autobiography that will live
outside you.
Autobiography: Your Chance to Live Forever
by Carol Kafka
A step-by-step workbook and video that will preserve your life story and make it the gift of your lifetime.
With this program you will stake your claim to immortality.
Nothing less.
All you have to do is respond to the suggestions on the videotape and in the workbook - fully and openly.
Do the exercises faithfully.
You will meet your past, alive and vibrant with emotion.
And, memory by memory, we will help you turn your past into a present that will live forever.
In the end you will have the autobiography we promise.
For you. For those who love you.
For all time.
Every piece of your autobiography is waiting inside you, begging to be releason on paper.
And once you start you'll be amazed at what you will remember.
You already know all the words you'll need. As long as they're the words you've used your whole life, they're the right words. Poetic or crude; grammatical or ungrammatical.
Our method will give you a structure to hold those words, and the moral support to see you through.
You'll discover new strengths by examining past events that went by too quickly for you to properly notice. You will validate you!
This program has been used by people of all ages and every conceivable interest.
And it has consistently worked its magic.
Especially for people who swore they could never write their autobiography, and ended up with the completed work in their hands.
Our program will work its magic for you, too.
Order your Autobiography workbook and video for $39.95 (includes tax & shipping)
You'll create a statement for succeeding generations that will say:
"I was here. This is the family I came from. This is how I lived my life. And this is the passion, the grief, and the love that gave my existence meaning."
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or www.projectsforlife.com