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No Rest At Schapiro's Rest Home - Don't Call me Senior Citizen
By Hal Wickliffe
Copyright 2000 Hal Wickliffe
A comic spot about a conversation between Murry Ginsburg and Jake Finkelstein.

Down through the history of comedy, a comic Jewish
accent has proved to be quite funny. However, over the
years, this accent has slowly been disappearing in our
American culture.
However, the accent can still be heard among some
aged Jewish men, of whom some now reside in rest homes.
In this spot, No Rest At Schapiro's Rest Home, we
thus have just cause to keep alive this comic Jewish
accent, for the setting is a home for aged Jews.
The spot features two old Jewish men, Murry Ginsburg
and Jake Finkelstein, who always bicker for they have
different personalities and constantly disagree with
each other on their varying outlooks. Murry is liberal,
critical and never content. Jake is conservative,
satisfied and always has to question Murry on his differing views.
Spot -Don't Call Me A Senior Citizen
At their rest home, Murry Ginsburg was again complaining
to his close friend, Jake Finkelstein, "To tell you the truth, Jake,
I'm gettin' sick and tired of bein' called a senior citizen. It makes me
feel so old. I vant to be called somethin' else."
"So vot do ya vanna be called?" asked Jake.
"Vell," answered Murry, "I've been thinkin'. And I vould very much
like to be addressed vit a term that fits my personality."
"Fits your personality?" said Jack. "You vanna be called a dirty
old man?"