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Going To The Devil - Only One Place To Go
By Hal Wickliffe
Copyright 2000 Hal Wickliffe
A comic spot about going to hell.

There are a number of references to the Devil in the Bible. Unfortunately, the Devil today is not often the subject of many church sermons.
But Satan definitely does exist in the spirit world and is called "The Prince of Darkness." And when Jesus Christ returns to set up His Kingdom on earth, the Bible describes how the Devil will then be thrown in to the Lake of Fire for a thousand years.
So, in this comic spot, we have a chance to show Satan in a negative way, as it well should be.
Spot - Only One Place To Go
One evening the Devil had a horrible nightmare and explained the matter to his top aides. "Oh, did I have an awful night. I dreamt I was in this big travel agency and asked them if they would suggest a nice trip I could take. And did they mention Paris, Rome, London or New
York? No! They just kept tellin' me to go straight to Hell!"