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Metaphysics and the Gone World

By Joe DiCarlo
Copyright 1995 Joe DiCarlo
The poem says that the world should be more concerned with the spiritual and metaphysical than with the material and the physical.


Yes, we can ask what being must be
But more, what being must mean
Unless we do both, science will yield
No more than a world of machines.

When men with the minds of ants converge
On the wonder of being itself
They hand us the world of the anthill and say
Metaphysics belongs on the shelf!

Technology of bees and ants
For man is living death;
Man must have a living mind
To draw a living breath!

When science weaves an elfin spell
With all that science gives
It's still the world of the spirit
By which the spirit lives!

And some shrewd duff in cap and bells
Will mechanize your mind
And when he's got you wired, you
Leave liberty behind!

If man were a column of air in a flute
He’d escape with a song at each stop
To harrow the heart with something divine
Like seeds with the yield of a crop!

Materialism is foreign to man
And strangles the lilt in his voice;
We paint soup cans like Warhol did
When life leaves us no choice.

Dehumanization and crime
Are all that we see in the news
Reported by those who never recall
To give the spirit its dues.

Do sports, not drugs, brokenhearted
We plead with tender youth
Without respect or knowledge
Of metaphysical truth.

Metaphysics is better by half
Than physics with a capital "P";
Physics reveals what sense can perceive
The rest just the spirit can see.

If man had no soul, the part not the whole
Is all that would trouble his mind
But not just the HOW, the WHY of the now
Is the answer man wants to find.

Our civilization is losing its soul
And all of the fine arts are dying
Even abuses need spiritual food
For fire when spokesmen are lying.

Truth, beauty and goodness don't even exist
As far as man is concerned
And the world of the spirit is mocked by thugs
Who even appear to be learned.

Is even supposed to be smart
But LUST is the word they're looking for
And not the domain of the heart.

Men seek the meaning of meaning
But we live in a very strange hour
When men are denied the science of thought
By Marxist--Leninist power..

Some men have a vested interest
in keeping the mind in chains
Astro-physics can't equal the liberty
Metaphysics proclaims.

Ex nihil, nihil - - from nothing comes nothing
Might be the way to start;
If nothing were ever all there was
In being we'd have no part!

So what is the matter with thought about thought
That something always was?
And if the universe doesn't explain itself
Before the Big Bang -- GOD DOES!