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The War in Heaven

By Joe DiCarlo
Copyright 1980 Joe DiCarlo
A short story about Lucifer being exposed.

The good angels didn't know that there were any bad angels. They supposed all the angels were good and were God's friends and were happy as they were about God's plans - especially about His plan to become a man - because they would never think of turning against God and it never occurred to them that anyone would.

The first sign they got that there was anything wrong was when Lucifer - the greatest angel - announced to them that he was God.

This was a lie - but they didn't know it because none of them had ever heard a lie before. They didn't know what a lie was; and since none of them had ever seen God and Lucifer was smarter than they were, it seemed he could talk them into just about anything.

And besides, all the bad angels, pretending to be good, said it sounded like Lucifer was-right and he must be God and it would be a horrible sin not to listen to him or to disobey him.

Lucifer said he had changed his mind and decided not to become a man. This seemed strange to the good angels but there were so many angels shouting that it was great that they got confused and didn't know what to say.

Then Lucifer made up another lie. And another. I don't know them all but there were so many that the good angels got completely confused.
Then Lucifer set up a system where all the angels would have to watch each other and report secretly to him if any angel didn't seem to be happy with his government. The good angels, who were already unhappy, were even more unhappy. They would not "snitch" and the snitchers who would snitch did snitch and reported them.

Lucifer pretended to be very shocked!

Unhappy with his government! He flew into a rage and said that the good angels were unfaithful to the Fatherland and must be punished. He said that they must be cast into a special place he had made called hell but that even he, God, was surprised that he would ever have to use it and it hurt him more than it would them and someday his tears would be collected and that would be the Flood but they must go. He said they must be chained and dragged down into the fires and never be seen again for their devilish ingratitude and crimes against the State and called them devils. He said he never thought he would see a devil though he knew it was possible and that if he had known there ever would be one, even one, he would never have made nothin' - so much was his fatherly tender heart broken. And now he must break up heaven and let the axe fall!

So the devils who really were devils fetched out the chains - called adamantine chains - and handcuffs and the good angels were so confused and sad that they were ready to be banished when one of them - a little angel called Michael - suddenly got the idea that Lucifer was a liar. It was a terrible idea because he had never thought of such a thing and no good angel ever had.and it seemed like an impossible thing.

But Michael was a thinker and it was the only way he could figure it out. So he shouted out, "Who is like God!?!!!!!"

And that meant, "Lucifer is not God! Lucifer is not God at all! In fact he is a liar! And all the angels who listen to him are liars, too. In fact, they're devils and Lucifer is the Devil! Not us!"

Well, there was silence in heaven - you could hear a pin drop a thousand miles away. Everyone held his breath, so to speak. Then all the-good angels cried out, "Michael! Michael!" Which means, "Who is like God!"

And then there was war. But now that the bad angels couldn't pretend anymore they were easy to beat. Because that's the way it is with evil: it can only win by lying and cheating and pretending and doing dirty deals in the dark. But when everything is out in the open and everyone sees what's going on, most people are good and they get really mad and they run the bad guy out of town on a pole - and his dirty henchmen - and that was the end of the bad angels in heaven.
And Lucifer, the worst of all, fell from the sky like lightning!