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Invisible Clay

By Joe DiCarlo
Copyright 1993 Joe DiCarlo
A poem is a deep reflection about clay.
Invisible am i that burn too near
the center of our hope but also fear
tho I can dive to pools of tenanted green
and people your sandbar with the world unseen
and sing of suns of flaming green & blue
and splash their iridescence over you
and not give up the song till worlds away
bright angels hug the joy of endless Day
while in another quadrant of the stars
King David chants the loveliness of Mars
and oceans swell in other spheres of being
blue lapis-lazuli veil of the ALL-SEEING
stirred in their depths to give consulting nod
to the all-consuming loveliness of God
and worlds yet wet from the Creator’s mouth
take up his praises in a torrid South
and harped competition issues forth
to sing more fiercely in the wandering North
while compass points are trysting to conspire
to reflect to man the tongues of Primal Fire
Some spirits journey aeons to the East
there to entice men to the Starry Feast
while others chase the Sun into the West
finding for song, red-emberred nite-sky best.