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Song of Life

By Joe DiCarlo
Copyright 1974 Joe DiCarlo
A poem about the joy of life.

How many poets in the night have sung

sweet-nestled world on slender means all strung

like raiment for a queen, adorning

the arm of virtue with the joy of morning;

All lace adorned and vested for the feast

when first the light of day breaks on the east,

and youth first testing in the frost-nipped morn

a song of Ruth amid the alien corn.

Such revelry for fancy is not wanting

such quiet for the soul has not been spare

such tutelage for heart and soul were spent

with prodigality for man's content;

and where the best of heart and mind and soul

conjoined with God and felt the drummers roll

sweet thunder for the sweetness that is life

falls now the shadow of the high-court's knife!