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Protean Song of the Sun God: A Poem
By Joe DiCarlo
Copyright 1994, Joe DiCarlo
A poem about hope and love.
The universe says I'm ready, willing and able
To support flottillions of humans at my table
With the sun rejoicing to run like a dark horse from God's stable
Or the white horse Pegasus with an oxcart in the sky
Protean columns bearing daring to the man who would be high
The music of the spheres at last like a diamond decibel cry:
You fail to understand my friend, why must you even try?
Why gamble on a final scene that's frozen forevermore?
When I WHO AM will sing for you upon a nether shore;
And plums and grapes and apricots give witness there is more
Of green sap everlasting in the universal store
Of resins, weeds and swamplands on the dirt roads of my mind
And shanties in melon patches, tho love seems hard to find
Where there is no love, put love and you'll be paid in kind
Just don't trash the future like a worn-out melon rind!