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Big Band Story - (1) Benny Goodman Walks In, and (2) I Kissed the Wrong Girl
(From a series called "Big Band Stories")
By Jerry Sanfino
Copyright 2000 Jerry Sanfino
A short story about the writer's experiences including the time Benny Goodman walked in and listened to him play for half an hour, and when the writer kissed an actress, mistaking her for his girl friend.

We were working in out-of-town theatre with Benny Goodman, who did not use flutes in his band. Before the job, I was upstairs in an empty room, practicing my flute, when in walks Benny Goodman. He sits down without saying a word, listens to me for about half an hour. When I finished playing, he got up and left, without saying a word! B.G. would fire musicians right on the spot when they were on the job, playing. He would say, "Pass your music to the one in charge of the library and leave the bandstand."
When I was with Alvino Rey, we were making a movie called "Sing Your Worries Away," which starred Buddy Epson, Patsy Kelly, June Havoc, and Michelle Morgan. I was dating Michelle Morgan’s stand-in. One day, when Michelle Morgan was walking in the studio lot, I went up to her and kissed her, thinking she was my girl-friend - the stand-ins looked so much like the real stars. As I kissed Michelle, my girl friend, the stand-in, walked up to us. I apologized to Michelle Morgan, who said, "I wish it was me."
When I was with Carmen Cavallero, we were working at the Mark Hathan in San Francisco. Bette Davis used to sit on the piano bench with Carmen Cavallero. Bob Mitchum would sit with the saxophone section. The stars were crazy about the Big Bands!