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A Special Star is Born
By Mary O'Toole
Copyright 2000 Mary O'Toole
A poem in memory of Jodie Michelle Torigan, a young woman who died in November 2000 (as included in the funeral mass leaflet at Blessed Sacrament Church, New Rochelle, NY, as obtained by friend Vincent Dunn of New Rochelle, NY

A special star was born last night
It filled the sky with heavenly light
All who looked, had tears in their eyes
And yet it shone, the brightest in the skies
To make this star, hearts had to be broken
But God in His wisdom, he has spoken
This special star must be made
With care and love and undying faith
The tears you shed are filled with grace
For no one can ever take her place
She is our bond to Heaven above
As we remember Jodie with love.