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Cassandra's Moon at Croton
By Nathaniel Goldberg
Copyright 2000 Nathaniel Goldberg
A poem about Cassandra and Andrea at night.


Cassandra went out tonight to
welcome the full moon
as she does every
Lunar moon, in a celebration
with Andrea, her best friend.
They mountain climb in
the darkness with flashlights
and dance naked by the river
waiting for the awesome light to transpose
them into beings of the night.
They collect themselves like
gems in a forest of glass,
hidden from the roadside by underbrush.
They stay the nighttime through
silhouetted against rocks and trees
laying down blankets on the sand
spreading fruits and delicacies
surrounded by candlelight
to enhance their ritual. When
the sun rises in the East they pack
their things
two satisfied nymphs in the new
born day.