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Down and Out in the Village
By Nathaniel Goldberg
Copyright 2000 Nathaniel Goldberg
A poem about being homeless in Greenwich Village.


It rained in
Greenwich Village.
Gave the darkened
sidewalks the scent of rust.
It was a rhythmic
in time with the slapping of
wiper blades,
in time with rapid pulses
of scurrying business men,
in time with the hammering
beginning in my head.

I huddled
in a corner
beating my arms
for warmth.

A drenched dog
joined me, gulped
stood on his hind legs,
pirouetted in time
with the beat,
urinated against my left foot,
tucked his tail
between his legs,
and went on his way.
I watched him disappear
missing him until
I slid to the pavement.

Rain pricked my eyes,
invaded my skin,
my hair,
my back.

A lost dog wandered aimlessly
in time with the beat
of the city.