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Stations in the Dark
By Nathaniel Goldberg
Copyright 2000 Nathaniel Goldberg
A poem about two lovers of the past.

In the dark
in the rhythm of the
night where we used
to sit and hold hands
you in your
blue tee shirt me in
my white Pink Floyd
I remember where we
used to swim silhouetted
by the moon down by
the Croton River surrounded
by silence and the
whisper of dusk, threatening
to reveal our every move
where we used to sing
with our guitars until
our fingers bled. We
hid there while
the cops checked the area
with spot lights and
we hid against the
back drop of the trees
naked but for leaves
and the constant splash
of water against
the tiny falls that spilled over
And when the daylight
finally came, swallows and
cranes crashed through the
silence like breathing itself.
We watched in awe, the
large birds spreading
their wings in the early
morning hours so gracefully
yawning wings arched into
a slow relaxed sweep, they
rose and the daylight
swept into the
darkness breaking it apart.