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Biographical Info about
Roy (Santro) Salanitro
By Roy Salanitro
Copyright 2000 Roy Salanitro
Biographical info about and by Roy Salanitro

Roy Salanitro, in the 1940's, known as "Roy Santro," had his own big band, and played many of the Skouras Loews theatres stage shows. Roy Santro also had a trio in 1943, consisting of Remo Palmieri, guitar (who later joined the Arthur Godfrey TV show"), Charlie Roeder, vibraphones, and Roy on bass, which played many cocktail club engagements. During World War II, Roy "disbanded" and went to work with big bands. Roy has worked with Lester Lanin, Bobby Sherwood, Lee Castle (who took over the Jimmy Dorsey orchestra) and with the famous Dixieland Group of Joe Marsala, at the Hickory House on 52nd St., New York City (with Bobby Hackett on trumpet; Chuck Wayne on guitar; George Wellington on piano; Shelley Mann on drums and Roy on bass).
Roy worked with the George Paxton Orchestra from 1946-1948, and with this orchestra, played the Capitol Theatre, NYC, featuring Lena Horne, vocalist in September 1947. This was a most enjoyable engagement, except for a frightening, unforgettable episode, when one of the performances was about to begin and the rising stage came up partway, with one side getting stuck and the other side continuing to rise. The engineers suddenly stopped the motion, but the music stands, music, instruments, and a few musicians fell. Everyone on stage immediately had to pick up music, music stands, and instruments, abandon the stage, and bring all equipment onto the upper main stage behind the curtain. he show was delayed approximately one hour. Lena Horne had to reschedule a birthday party for her daughter, which was celebrated with the musicians backstage after the next show. Everyone had a great time and thanked Lena Horne for her thoughtfulness. This was an experience I will never forget!
In the early part of 1948, Roy played at the famous Palm Beach, Florida Leon and Eddie's with Bill Roeder, trumpet (who made the well-known record with Prez Prado, "Cherry Pink and Blossom Time"). In 1950, Roy the Herb Creager Orchestra at Carl Hoppl's Valley Stream Park Inn, where he met Al Miller, drums and Tom Wagner, sax and clarinet. Roy played there for 27 years, including Carl Hoppl's Baldwin, 6 nights weekly, averaging 3 floor shows nightly. Some of the featured performers were: Pat Cooper, Rodney Dangerfield, Totie Fields, Pat Henry, Don Rickles,-comedians, and Ada Cavallo (who currently conducts the Xavier Cugat Orchestra, Stu Foster, Janice Harper, Julius LaRosa, Barbara McNair, Dick Roman, June Valli (and husband, Jimmy Merchant), vocalists.
In the 1970's-1980's, Roy played fill-in bass at Jones Beach Boardwalk with Primo Fiore and Ray Gogarty. In recent years, Roy has played with local Long Island bands, i.e. Ben Grisafi, Al Miller, Rodd Raffell, Angelo tallarico's Don Michael's Band, and Tom Wagner's Dixieland group, "Tom Cats", and the Garden City Village Music Makers Big Band. He has also played for George Davis, conductor of the Nassau County Police Band.