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Arian's Bachlorette Slumber Party
By Roz Tanner Evans
Copyright 2000 Roz Tanner Evans
A poem about a girls' slumber party.

Close your eyes and remember when
You dreamed of being in love and flirting with Zen
Eight girls sitting around in your own bedroom
PJ's, makeup, curlers & Mom threatening to use a broom
To sweep out your clothes, papers, records and all your stuff
You slam the door shut, Blast on the music, you have had ENUF
Turning to your friends, you cheerily say
Don't worry about her, she just had a bad day
And the eight of you start to talk,
About boys of course & who you would love to stalk
To get up close and feel his skin
Your heart skips a beat, your head starts to spin
None of you have yet had SEX
You want to, you're afraid, it's coming, it's NEXT
You all start to giggle and act somewhat shy
So many thoughts & feelings to share but you don't, you all hide
So you turn on the music & everyone gets up to dance
And talk about jewelry, proms & a vacation in France
You turn your dreams to safer topics
Than the burning ones that sound like the tropics
Everyone snuggles down on the blankets, strewn over the floor
And just when your eyes start to close, someone asks for more
Stories of someone who fell in love,
Got pregnant, her life was ruined; and then a shove
From your best friend who whispers she has a confession to make
She MUST tell, she's so embarrassed, it happened on a blind date
He was so cute, so cool and she liked him a lot
He took off her bra and all that he got
Was her little breasts and now he didn't like her at all
The date ended abruptly, her dreams of a boyfriend then did fall
Out of her heart and mind and she was left feeling sad
And somewhat ashamed of her body & feeling bad
But what we all said to her was; NO BE GLAD
He only wanted you for one thing, HE WAS A CAD
And so again we settled down hoping for some sleep
Our slumber party was great, our friendship deep
Not unlike what we all share
As Adult women, our lives, our loves, our tears, our cares
We've gathered here tonight in honor of Arian
Finding her true love and getting Sonny to say yes to marrying
We are all so pleased for you, our dear friend
We wish you an abundance of love, generosity, adventure, fun and happiness until the end