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What to Do With Me
By Sonny Greenwald
Copyright 2000 Sonny Greenwald
A poem about the writer's week's experiences.
The week was great. Seeing friends, playing with me, eating out,
Going to a meeting of loving people; feeling loved
Familiar Friends for dinner; working hard at the club
Having God present in my life on Saturday
Seeing Alisa and her friends
Riding the bus; going to the museum; walking in New York
Then being alone with me; eating too much and too often; watching a
movie or two.
Aloneness filters in. An old ugly friend
But that friend, this week, was comfortable and peaceful.
I sit writing. Wanting to complain, but feeling so grateful
Grateful, for today
Alone to write and read and do whatever feels good or not so good.
No need to wander in loneliness or feel the anxiety of no playmates
Perhaps a small miracle is occurring.
Perhaps it is the journey that began when first I said YES
The word NO stretching fiercely to leave my lips
So, perhaps it is a trite kind of miracle or it is simply what is for today
The week was sweet with nothing special happening
And when my family returns to me
Nothing will have appeared to change and perhaps nothing has changed
It is very possible that I may wander again soon
The thing is I have begun to know what to do with me, and I like it
And me a lot.