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Big Band Story - Auditioning for Louis Prima's Band
(From a series called "Big Band Stories")
By Tommy Alfano
Copyright 2000 Tommy Alfano
A short story about the writer's experience during an audition for Louis Prima's band.

One day in the early sixties I got it call that Louis Prima was auditioning alto sax players for a gig at the Steel Pier, in Atlantic City. I called my music teacher, who advised me to go, because it would be a good experience for me, even though I probably would not get hired. W hen I got there, I found about twenty other guys trying for this job. After each of us played, they would tell us to stay or to leave. When it was down to three, I was still there. At that point, I saw Keely Smith walking over to us with a hand jacket in her hand. She gave me the jacket, and said, "Try this on." I did, and the jacket fit perfectly. She said, "You got the job."