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I Looked At Her Today
By Amy Leibowitz
Copyright 2001 Amy Leibowitz

 A poem about the writer's daughter.

I looked at her today as if she was my tiny child
Her hair flowing long and eyes as blue as the sky,
her skin so soft, so fair.
She is a grown married woman now,
not the young girl I still want to see.
She doesn't need me to survive,
but yet she does.
She can cross the street on her own,
but I still want to protect her from danger.
I wish I could love and protect her forever
and never have to leave her.
I see myself in her, the good and the bad.
I see a lovely creature who is a loving human being
helping others in her field of service.
I wish her everything good in life.
It's not easy being a mother and letting go even now.
I want to still hold her hand
and help her through life's passages.