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Full were his days of youth

By Frank Sisco
Copyright 1976 Frank Sisco

Song lyrics about a man whose best days were in his past. (Original music by Tina Grammas)

1 - (Music segment)
As our days grow shorter,
and as time grows tighter,
we don't know where the days go,
but they're not brighter.
Our likes drift from
spring grass to dull gold.
Our dreams become cold and masked
instead of being bold.
Full were his days of youth,
with fortune, love and fame.
It's a shame they can't be done again.
Now that his time has passed,
don't others care at all?
Oh how small, he's become so fast.
Oh how small, he's become so fast.
But he'll go on,
faltering as he goes,
boyish charms,
smiles losing grasp,
fading laughs,
and dwindling joys.
6 - (Music segment)
Tainted by our frowns and woes,
we're not naive when we're old.
Where has the admiration gone?
8 - Repeat 4.
9 - Repeat 2 twice.
Being bold, being bold, being bold.