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 Mom's Laugh

By Hal Weiss
Copyright 1996 Hal Weiss

 A poem about Hal's mother's great laugh.
I'm told, and I already know, my laugh is too loud.
This doesn't bother me, it makes me proud.
It was my Mom who gave the laugh to me.
And, I can't think of a happier legacy.
From the earliest days I can retrace,
I remember my family at the picture show.
Mom would find something so funny
her laughter would fill the place.
She'd really let go!
My sister and I would slink down in our chairs
as everyone would turn around,
and we didn't want to face their stares.
Some bumps and bruises we tried to duck too,
as Mom's hands and elbows really flew
when her sense of humor was charging through.
My Dad usually caught most of it,
But, he didn't mind; he was laughing too
and he seemed to enjoy Mom's laughing fit.
Her laugh came out hard, like a shrill shout.
And, though some gave us odd looks,
I think it helped others let their laughter out.
I'm grateful I caught this laugh from my Mom,
It's an area where she has quite a knack.
And, though I'm sad for those who won't let go,
I'm not going to hold my laughter back.