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Excerpt from "Immortal Rogue"
By Jean Busatti
Copyright 1998 Jean Busatti
This excerpt is from an unpublished vampire Gothic novel. Devon, vampire shape changer and rogue, has murdered a British statesman. There is a party going on in the house. The statesman's daughter enters the room and catches him in the act. Anxious to escape, Devon knocks the girl down and she bangs her head. She lies there bleeding and close to death. Copyright 1998


Blood gushed from an open wound. It splattered over the floor and formed bizarre patterns on the white wall. A satiny red puddle next to the girl widened and glistened in the dim light of the fire. She was barely alive; he felt the warmth of her body; he heard her soft irregular breathing. He smelled the sweetness of the blood, saw vapors lifting from the pool. His loins grew warm. He ached to feed. He felt the sticky texture of the fluid on her soft curls. Flicking his tongue in and out he licked at the wound and pressed his lips to the girl's neck in eager anticipation. The music stopped.
"Sir Henry! Are you there, sir?"
The guests were out in the hall just beyond the door. They were milling about waiting for their host. Devon rose. "Damn you all to Satan's fires!" he muttered. He looked back with longing at the girl. Life was draining from her body. "Sorry, my dear," he murmured as though they had been lovers who were interrupted in their mutual fervor.