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Le Chapelet Rouge (The Red Rosary)
By Patrick Benson
Copyright 2001 Patrick Benson
The short story is about ???????????????

Letter from Patrick Benson to Frank Sisco about doing an English translation of "Le Chapelet Rouge," (The Red Rosary)

Dear Frank:
I unearthed this copy of a translation I made with the intention of circulating it among publishers who might be interested in purchasing a complete translation.
As you see it is only the Prologue of a novel called Le Chapelet Rouge - "The Red Rosary". When I submitted it, I included the corresponding pages of the French original so that my translating skills might be judged. No takers but, I'll admit, I didn't try very hard.
My reason for sending it to you was more or less a follow-up to a phone discussion of several weeks ago. I could, I'm thinking, send you a chapter every few weeks which you publish on "Senior Musings", and allow viewers to download. (Stephen King is doing the same thing with a novel he's serialized. Only he specifies that readers who download should send him a payment. I forget how much for each segment.)
This novel is an old one written about 1935, as I remember, in a somewhat dated style. But I found it interesting nonetheless because it contains a puzzle - something like John Dickson Carr locked-room murder mysteries. The author is Maurice Leblanc who wrote the Arsene Lupin stories which were turned into plays as well as movies.
I don't know how to proceed without getting permission to publish a translation, or even if that is necessary. Ordinarily, I believe, a publisher's legal people would arrange that.
This novel is not an Arsene Lupin story, and is written in a very straight forward style quite different from Leblanc's picaresque style in the Lupin novels. I must add that, of the twenty or so books that Leblanc wrote, only five or so have not been translated into English and Red Rosary is one of those. Why? I don't know.
Well, let me know what you think, and also what other people may think.
Best regards to you and Lorrie and Kelly,
Pat B.